Terms & Conditions

Specifications and Loadings

Load class 3-4-2: General Purpose. This scaffold will be constructed using NASC TG20: 21 and EN12811-1 and the loadings stated above MUST NOT be exceeded.


As boards are often moved after we have placed them in position, we must remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure the working platforms always comply with the regulations.


You are to ensure that the base provided for our scaffold is adequate to support the loads to be applied without settlement.

Ties & Bracing

You are to ensure that adequate facilities for tying are available and maintained. No ties or braces are to be modified in any way without prior reference to us.

Handover and Inspection

After handover, the user of the scaffold needs to arrange for inspection of the scaffold to be completed at intervals as described in the Working at Heights Regulations 2005 and CDM Regulations 2015. We can offer a weekly scaffold inspection/scaff tag for £200 each visit, this is additional to our quote above. We do not provide a scaff tag unless requested.

Scaffolding Hire

Unless stated differently above, the total price of this quotation includes 8 weeks scaffolding hire, thereafter, there will be a weekly hire charge of 5% of the total price.


If an alarm has been included in the price above this includes fitting and hire for 8 weeks (unless a longer scaffold hire period is stated above). Any additional alarm hire will be at an additional cost, and not included in the scaffold extra hire.

Design Drawing

If a design for this scaffold is prepared after this quote has been submitted, please request a requote to ensure all the design requirements are included in the quote.
Please note that under the legislation for Reverse Charge VAT that was instated on the 1st March 2021, we will assume that you are VAT and CIS registered and apply the reverse charge automatically to all invoices. This is unless you provide us with notification that you are an End User or Intermediary Supplier (connected to an End User) in which normal VAT will be applied.

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